Budget-friendly, 24-mpix Fuji X-T100 crosses handling of X-T20 with image quality, affordability of X-A5


posted Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 1:00 AM EDT


If you've been tempted by the Fuji X-T20 but haven't yet found yourself able to justify its pricetag, then Fujifilm has some intriguing news for you today. The company has just launched its latest model -- the 24.2-megapixel Fuji X-T100 -- and it pairs styling and handling akin to that of its pricier X-T series brethren with an imaging pipeline and feature set similar to that of the budget-friendly (and very well-reviewed) X-A5.

The Fuji X-T100 forgoes the company's proprietary X-Trans color filter array (as featured in the X-T20) in favor of a more traditional Bayer CFA, a move likely made to help keep the cost down. (And one which we wouldn't argue against, given the great image quality we saw in the X-A5.) Styling and handling is much like that of the X-T20, but with still and video imaging features more like that of the X-A5.


That does mean that there are limitations on the video front, so if you're interested in ultra-high def capture you may want to look elsewhere in Fuji's lineup to avoid the 15 frames per second capture rate of the X-T100 when shooting 4K video. But if you're more interested in stills and good old-fashioned Full HD video, then the Fuji X-T100 looks to offer quite a bit for its pricetag of US$600 body-only or US$700 with 15-45mm kit lens.


Available from June 18, 2018, you'll find much more on the latest X-series camera in our Fuji X-T100 preview!