The intention of the photographer: From idea to execution, what is intention and how is it presented?


posted Friday, June 8, 2018 at 5:00 AM EST


Ted Forbes is not only a talented photographer, he is also particularly adept at discussing the philosophy of photography and the deeper topics of art as it relates to not only photography, but in general. His YouTube channel is called "The Art of Photography," after all. His latest video is focused on intention in photography, specifically with respect to color photography.

What does this term mean, a "photographer's intention?" To get at the heart of the issue, Forbes discusses different famous color photographers, all of whom he says share a commonality -- including the film stock on which they shot -- despite being very different stylistically. Ultimately, part of what ties them together as intentional photographers has to do with carrying an idea or concept all the way through from its abstract state to a final printed image. In today's world, it's often the case that people's work is shared either exclusively or at least mostly through the internet. Many images are only ever viewed on a screen rather than as a finished print. Does this mean that your intention is sacrificed? Further, how does a photographer's intent change the way their work is ultimately presented to the viewer? It's a fascinating video by Forbes and well worth checking out.

(Via Ted Forbes and The Art of Photography