Basic lighting: How does the position of your light change the overall look of a portrait?


posted Thursday, June 14, 2018 at 9:30 AM EDT


You already know that the position of the light source in your photos can dramatically change the overall appearance of your shots. However, nothing beats a real-world illustration. If you want to see this principle in action with some very helpful examples, the latest video from Adorama's series, Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace will surely fit the bill. The video below is third in a four-part series focused on the basic principles of lighting. If you'd like to see the first two, click here.

Mark Wallace is focused on dealing with a flash or small strobe in a studio setting. When referring to the position of light, we always want to discuss it relative to the position of the camera. So a 90-degree light is from the right side of the camera (left side of the subject if they're facing the camera), for example. You can also change the relative position of a light by simply moving your camera, rather than the light, as Wallace illustrates in an animation in the video below. Check out the video to see real-world examples of different lighting positions.

(Via Adorama