Adobe’s soon-to-come update to Content Aware Fill looks insanely powerful


posted Monday, September 10, 2018 at 12:09 PM EST


Adobe has some of the most powerful and useful technologies at their fingertips when it comes to their editing software. They've created a bunch of useful tools in the past, but this upcoming enhancement to their Content Aware Fill tool might take the cake for most improved feature they've ever released. The new Content Aware Fill (don't worry, the old one still exists too) opens up a new window that lets you customize the fill and assure you're getting the most accurate results you can with even very complicated images. 

I was not personally that impressed with the example of the horse in the field, but they started to reel me in once they showed the inside of a building's cupola and the bee on the flower. That's seriously impressive for what amounts to just a few clicks. 

No release date for this feature was announced, but you can probably expect it relatively soon if they're already showing it off.