Canon EOS R Video Features Review: This is not the video camera you’ve been told it is


posted Monday, October 22, 2018 at 5:30 PM EDT

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You've likely heard that the Canon EOS R sucks... That it's an awful video camera, that no self-respecting videographer would ever be caught dead shooting with. That in fact, no professional would ever use the EOS R for a whole smattering of reasons from having only one card slot to not providing enough framerate options. "It's a travesty of a camera!" they'll say, and you might believe them if you never tried it yourself. But this professional, and yes, I am a San Francisco professional commercial filmmaker, is here to set things straight. Because none of the things you've heard about the Canon EOS R are true: this is a perfectly good video camera. 

Look, I'm not about to tell you that the EOS R is without fault. That would be ridiculous. Of course it's imperfect, as is every camera currently on the market. But for some reason, y'all have been conditioned to believe that if a camera is announced and it doesn't change the course of humanity's future, it must suck. Not every camera needs to be a game-changer, but for some reason that's what the internet mob has come to believe must happen lest that camera face the wrath of some bent-out-of-shape YouTube talking head. I've shot professionally (that is to say, actual paid commercial jobs in San Francisco) with the EOS R three times in the last six weeks, and I've come to one conclusion: this myth that the EOS R is a bad camera just needs to stop. 


That's right, I'm throwing out my 5D Mark IV for this bad boy, and I'll tell you why

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