Skin Tone Showdown:  Photographer Sean Tucker pits the Canon 5D Mark III versus the Sony A7 III


posted Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at 11:00 AM EDT


Photographer Sean Tucker recently switched from shooting with Canon DSLR and Fujifilm X Series cameras to Sony mirrorless cameras. He discussed the switch in a prior video, but primarily he wanted to downsize his kit and felt that Sony mirrorless cameras were closer to a true hybrid camera and that he would be able to travel with less and lighter gear. People warned him that his portraits would suffer due to the difference in skin tones between Canon and Sony cameras and that Sony cameras didn’t do a good job with skin tones. After some portrait shoots with his new Sony gear, Tucker hadn’t noticed any issues, but he decided to put the alleged skin tone problem to the test.

Tucker’s test involved going over to his friend Bayek’s studio, who is a portrait photographer with a Canon 5D Mark III, and working with some models to shoot the same subjects with Canon and Sony cameras using the same Canon lens. Tucker and Bayek are also shooting with the same settings: ISO 100, 1/250s shutter speed and f/2.8. Which camera, the Sony A7 III or the Canon 5D Mark III, produced the better skin tones? Watch the video below to find out and learn how Tucker was able to adjust skin tones in post-processing.

Readers, which camera produces better skin tones? Let us know what you think about the skin tones from Canon, Sony and other cameras in the comments below.

(Via Sean Tucker