Nik Collection by DxO 2018 updated to version 1.1, includes improved compatibility and stability


posted Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 10:00 AM EDT


In 2017, DxO announced that the French imaging solutions company had acquired the Nik Collection and all associated technologies from Google, who had long let the popular plug-in suite go largely ignored. For many photographers, the lack of updates to the Nik Collection from Google meant more compatibility and stability issues with each new release of Adobe software. When DxO acquired the Nik software, they not only promised to relaunch the Nik Collection, but they also promised updates to stability and performance. They met their first promise this past June, when the Nik Collection by DxO 2018 was released. Regarding stability and compatibility, Adobe has had yet another round of updates and DxO is updating the Nik Collection accordingly by releasing Nik Collection by DxO 2018 version 1.1.

Earlier this fall, Adobe released the CC 2019 versions of their popular image editing software, including Photoshop. Further, Apple recently launched their latest operating system, macOS Mojave. DxO has updated the Nik Collection to work fully and consistently with the new software. Further, the team has dug further into Google’s old code to fix additional issues, including freezing, color profile compatibility concerns and unusual artifacts which occasionally occurred when editing an image.


DxO’s VP of Product Strategy and Marketing, Jean-Marc Alexia, said of the new update, “When we launched Nik Collection by DxO last June, we agreed to deliver the best possible user experience and to provide our customers with assistance and support. We also promised to organize the community and ask for feedback through regular surveys. We made progress in each of these areas. Now, we are taking one step further towards our goals by concentrating all the latest product updates in this new version.”


Nik Collection by DxO can be used as standalone software, as plugins within Photoshop and inside of DxO PhotoLab 2, Serif Affinity Photo and Skylum Luminar. You can learn more about the Nik Collection by DxO by clicking here. The software is available now for $69 and the version 1.1 update is available as a free upgrade for existing Nik Collection by DxO owners. The collection includes Analog Efex Pro, Color Efex Pro, Dfine, HDR Efex Pro, Sharpener Pro, Silver Efex Pro and Viveza.