Skylum announces AirMagic, AI-powered software to automatically enhance aerial and drone photographs


posted Thursday, March 7, 2019 at 8:00 AM EST


Skylum Software has announced AirMagic, the world's first fully automated AI-powered photo enhancer designed for drone and aerial photography. As Skylum states in their release for AirMagic, "While drones let us shoot incredible images from previously unreachable places, the photos themselves often lack quality, making for a lot of manual post-processing work to fix issues like haze, low or extreme contrast, lack of sharpness, undersaturation and chromatic aberration. This tedious editing process requires time, special knowledge and expensive software." This is where AirMagic steps in, by automating the process of editing your aerial photos and addressing the image quality issues mentioned above.

It works by simply import your images into the application. Once there, AirMagic detects the drone camera used and then analyzes the lens and color profiles. From here, camera and lens-specific optimizations are applied. For additional adjustments, AirMagic relies upon artificial intelligence and applies modifications such as color reveal, dehaze, sky enhancement and more.

Alex Tsepko, CEO of Skylum, says the following about AirMagic, “We see our mission in creating easy-to-use yet powerful solutions for those who take photos. As experts in photo editing and AI technologies, we’ve created a unique, automated photo editing tool for aerial and drone photography. While drones are used by hobbyist and professional photographers alike, they’re also in growing usage in various fields ranging from safety and real estate to industrial and agricultural. I believe AirMagic will completely change the landscape for how aerial images are processed."

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A two-activation license for AirMagic will cost $39 for all new users, but as a special promotional offer, from March 7 through March 20, you will also receive bonuses with a $145.99 value. The bonuses include a Drone photography eBook by Skylum, a drone photography video course, AirMagic Premium Style and a $40 discount on the purchase of a Lime Cube Lighting Kit for drones. You can learn more by clicking here.