LEE Filters announces new LEE 100 system filter holder with improved functionality and design


posted Monday, March 25, 2019 at 1:00 PM EDT


LEE Filters has introduced a revised version of the filter holder at the foundation of their popular LEE 100 filter system. For the unfamiliar, the LEE 100 filter system allows for the use of compatible 100mm filters by attaching a filter holder to an adapter ring on your lens. For example, you can attach a ring to a 24-70mm lens and then attach the filter holder to the adaptor ring.

The new filter holder is compatible with all existing LEE 100mm filters and adapter rings, but introduces a variety of new features and improvements. For example, the filter holder includes half lock and full lock modes on its locking dial, which allow for various degrees of movement when shooting. The holder is now constructed using injection-molded composite materials, which has resulted in a 16 percent decrease in weight. Further, there are now modular blocks which can be quickly attached and removed to help you guide filters.

In addition to the new filter holder, LEE has also introduced a new Lee 100 polarizing filter. The new filter is lighter and simply snaps to the front of the LEE 100 filter holder, which means you can use it in conjunction with your favorite 100mm filters.

You can learn more about the new LEE 100 filter holder and the LEE 100 filter system as a whole by clicking here. The LEE 100 system is available in numerous options, which can be purchased via the links below.

LEE 100 Filter Holder ($96)LEE 100 Deluxe Kit ($739)LEE 100 Long Exposure Kit ($409)LEE 100 Landscape Kit

(Via LEE Filters