Sigma announces FP: The world’s first truly pocketable Full Frame camera


posted Thursday, July 11, 2019 at 5:18 AM EDT


It was bound to happen sooner or later.... a truly pocketable Full Frame mirrorless camera would come along to shock our senses and wow our imaginations. Today in Tokyo, Japan, Sigma has finally announced the existence of just such a small wonder. The Sigma FP is a Full Frame 24mp ILC that is absolutely tiny.

Sony of course wowed the camera world with their RX1 line more than 5 years ago, and so a small Full Frame camera is nothing new, but that line is fixed lens and therefore a much more niche product offering. The FP looks more like a sensor with a body to house it, and of course sports the new L-mount from their alliance with Leica and Panasonic, and will thus boast compatibility with an array of terrific lenses.

Sigma FP: A truly tiny Full Frame L-mount camera


Our intrepid publisher Dave Etchells is on the scene in Tokyo gathering all the key information for us now, so stay tuned as we'll have a full Preview of this exciting new camera coming very soon!

Look how small the new Sigma FP really is!

The perfect travel companion? Perhaps!

Shoots 4k/24p video as well

And from our initial inspection appears highly versatile...

Sigma FP Key Features

• 24.6 megapixel Bayer sensor

• Electronic shutter

• No low-pass filter

• Video up to 4k/24p

• Smallest, lightest Full Frame camera

• Supports 12bit CinemaDNG external recording

• Part of the L-Mount Alliance with Leica/Panasonic

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Sigma FP: A truly tiny Full Frame L-mount camera