Simon Baxter explores woodlands and discusses shooting conditions, scouting and persistence


posted Sunday, July 28, 2019 at 7:00 AM EDT


Landscape photographer Simon Baxter is on a photography trip in Wales. In the video below, we join him in a woodland where he had hopes that promising conditions would result in fog. A look at Baxter's Instagram feed reveals that he frequently, although certainly not always, shoots in misty and foggy conditions.

The misty and foggy conditions Baxter had hoped for in Wales didn't materialize, which led to him exploring the area more in hopes of finding potential shots for another visit and considering just how important conditions are when making a great photo. When ideal conditions don't materialize, which all landscape photographers know first-hand is the rule rather than the exception, it can be challenging to not spend the day wishing the situation were different. Rather than compare the images you are able to capture against the images you had hoped to capture, Baxter believes that there's much more to be gained in the present and future by focusing on the process rather than missed opportunities. By putting in the work even when conditions aren't amazing, you will be better prepared as a photographer for those rare, fleeting moments when everything comes together for you out in the field.

Even if you don't believe you will be able to make an amazing photo on a particular photo expedition, that doesn't mean you should give up or put your camera away. For accomplished landscape photographers such as Baxter, the importance of location scouting and experimentation cannot be overstated. By exploring an area, you will learn more about it and find potential compositions for future return visits. There's a lot to be learned even when brilliant images aren't in the making.

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