Never miss another photo while searching for a subject through your telephoto lens


posted Tuesday, September 3, 2019 at 10:15 AM EDT


If you have ever photographed wildlife or sports with a telephoto lens, you likely know not only how difficult it can be to quickly locate your subject through your viewfinder, but also how frustrating it is to miss making a great image because you were hunting around for the subject through your optical or electronic viewfinder. If you have ever this problem, wildlife photographer Steve Perry has a great tip for you.

In the video below, Perry shares the technique he uses to ensure that every time he lifts his camera with a long lens to his eye, his subject starts in the center of the frame, ensuring that he can quickly compose and capture the shot and not miss the moment while moving the lens back and forth like a searchlight. Before even lifting the camera up to your eye, first center the subject in your vision. While maintaining focus on your subject and keeping your head and eyes perfectly still, lift the camera up to your face. Without breaking your focus, even when the camera obstructs your line of sight, look through the viewfinder. If you have stayed still and not moved your head or eyes, the subject will be right in your viewfinder, even if you're using a supertelephoto lens with a very narrow field of view. It may take a little practice and getting used to, especially if it goes against your typical order of operations when using a long lens, but it will save you time and effort while ensuring you don't miss a great photo opportunity. To see the technique in action, watch Perry's video below. To view more of Steve Perry's work, head to his website.

(Via Steve Perry