Canon SL3 Field Test Part II: A real-world night shoot, plus flash concerns, battery life, 4K video and more!


posted Wednesday, September 25, 2019 at 8:54 PM EDT

Click here to read part two of my Canon SL3 Field Test


Recently, I posted my first field test for the Canon Rebel SL3, an EOS-series camera that, in an increasingly mirrorless world, proves Canon nevertheless still sees demand for DSLRs even at the entry-level end of the market. And now, I've followed up with part two of that field test, in which I'll be taking a look at how the new imaging pipeline in the Rebel SL2-successor performs once the sun goes down, both for high-sensitivity and long-exposure shooting.

Part two also includes a look at 4K video capture, which is a new addition to the SL3's roster of capabilities. And there are a fair few other topics as well, including a discussion of the new model's improved battery life, and a controversial change to its flash hot shoe that will significantly limit its compatibility with third-party strobes and adapters.

For the full story, you'll want to read part two of my field test now. (Or if you've not already done so, start off with part one instead, and then return for the remainder when you're finished.) And be sure to watch this space for the remainder of our review including our final verdict, coming soon!


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