Sony A7R IV Review Video: Resolution, performance & features make this Sony’s most versatile camera yet


posted Monday, January 27, 2020 at 2:14 PM EST

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Here we have a compact and well-built camera body, a 61-megapixel full-frame sensor, 567 phase-detect AF points covering nearly the whole sensor, an expansive ISO range, excellent image quality, super-fast AF speeds, 4K video recording, IBIS and much, much more. With so many incredible features and performance capabilities, it's really hard to find serious faults with Sony's latest-generation high-res mirrorless camera. The Sony A7R IV is an extremely versatile instrument, with capabilities that take it beyond just a high-res-centric camera. In addition to subjects like lanscapes, portraiture and architecture, the speed and AF capabilities make the A7R IV a terrific camera for birding, wildlife and some sports or action subjects. It's also quite good for video shooting too!

Of course, for faster performance, the A9 II is better suited for sports and action. And if you want more manageable 24MP filesizes, the A7 III offers similar continuous shooting performance -- and a lower price tag as well. And if you need higher quality 10-bit video or 4Kp60, you'll need to look outside the Sony world altogether. But, the A7R IV is, nonetheless, quite capable at a lot of things, and does those things very well.


We're wrapping up our A7R IV review, and will have our full written Review Conclusion published in the coming week or so. However, we're trying a little experiment, some additional content to go alongside our standard written review conclusions: Review Summary Videos. Check out the video below -- or head over to our Sony A7R IV Review (and Conclusion page) -- to get a quick look at our overall thoughts on the Sony A7R IV. 

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