Ricoh debuts limited edition GR III “Street Edition” kit and they’re only making 3,500 units worldwide


posted Wednesday, June 10, 2020 at 6:00 PM EDT


The Ricoh GR is one of those cameras that have garnered a cult following, particularly among street photographers. They are fairly niche-market cameras, but their super-compact size, fixed wide-angle lens, large sensor (especially since the 2013 revamp with the APS-C-based "GR") as well as an understated design make them stealthy yet capable travel and street photography cameras. Given its dedicated fanbase, the GR series has, over the years, come in a variety of special edition flavors with limited production runs.

For instance, back in 2009 Ricoh partnered with streetwear brand Stussy for a special-edition GR Digital III, and then the successor model, the GR Digital IV, was offered in a 10,000-unit limited edition white version. More recently, the first-generation APS-C-based Ricoh GR was eventually offered in an eye-catching green body color with marbled ebony wood grip. Then, for the company's 80th anniversary, Ricoh unveiled a silver-colored GR II camera in 2016 that was limited to just 3,200 units.


And now it's the Ricoh GR III's turn to get a special edition makeover, with the "GR III Street Edition Special Limited Kit." Similar to the silver GR II, the new GR III Street Edition kit is limited to only 3,500 samples worldwide and comes packaged with some exclusive accessories, including a color-matched detachable viewfinder and a genuine leather hand strap. 


So, what's the "Street Edition?" A nod to the GR's popularity with street photography, the primary change to the GR III's design with this special edition is a new dark, metallic gray finish that Ricoh says is inspired by the "asphalt pavement of the city." But apparently it's more than just a different color applied to the magnesium alloy body. According to Ricoh, there's a special texture to this finish caused by "repeatedly spraying droplets of [the] coating material onto the camera body." The result is not only a stylish look but also improved grip when holding the camera. In contrast to its dark, street-inspired color, the lens barrel ring offers a vibrant splash of color in a bright orange-yellow.


Under the restyled exterior, this limited edition Ricoh GR III is essentially identical to its standard sibling. The GR III sports an updated imaging pipeline compared to the previous two APS-C-based GR cameras, upgrading to a higher-resolution 24MP APS-C sensor and a new-generation GR Engine 6 image processor. The camera features a wider ISO sensitivity range, in-body 3-axis IBIS, and the fixed lens itself -- while maintaining the same 28mm-eq. focal length -- has been refreshed with an updated optical design for better sharpness and improved close-focusing capabilities.


The RICOH GR III Street Edition Special Limited Kit is set to go on sale in mid-July for a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $1199.95. Ricoh also states that a standalone GR III Street Edition camera, sold without the special viewfinder and strap, will be launched in the autumn of 2020; price TBD.


For more details about the Ricoh GR III, and how it performs out in the field, see our Ricoh GR III Review.