ON1 announces ON1 Professional Plugins for Capture One, available now


posted Monday, February 1, 2021 at 12:00 PM EDT


ON1, developers of photo editing software tools including ON1 Photo RAW 2021, has announced that its ON1 Professional Plugins are now available for use in Capture One software. The ON1 Professional Plugin Bundle includes ON1 Effects, Portrait AI, Resize, and HDR. ON1 Professional Plugins include the ability to work on multiple images and includes batch editing tools.

Of the announcement, ON1 President Craig Keudell says, 'We are very excited to bring the ON1 Professional Plugins to the Capture One workflow. There are many diverse workflows and photographers are always looking for ways to make them faster, add more capabilities, or produce better results. This is what ON1 plugins are designed to do at an integration level other editing plugins don't offer.'


Starting with ON1 Effects 2021, this plugin includes more than 30 adjustable filters that users can stack and blend as they see fit. Professional photographers curate the built-in photo effects, filters, LUTs, and presets. ON1 Effects includes built-in masking tools, which ON1 states go beyond what's possible inside of Capture One. ON1 masking tools include AI Masking and local adjustments. ON1 Effects offers creative options beyond what's possible in Capture One as well, including borders, glows, blurs, dynamic contrast, textures, sunshine, lens flares, and weather effects. You can also use ON1 Effects to recreate classic films and darkroom techniques.

These are just some of the looks and styles you can give your photos using ON1 Effects 2021. Image credit: ON1

ON1 Portrait AI 2021 is new with the latest major release of ON1 Photo RAW. ON1 Portrait AI utilizes machine learning to identify and automatically edit each face in an image. The software/plugin adjusts faces by retouching the skin, eyes, and mouth. You can batch process an entire portrait shoot quickly and automatically using ON1 Portrait AI, which ON1 states make it 'the perfect solution for client proofing and fast turnaround.' You can also utilize built-in tools in ON1 Portrait AI to fine-tune images, including skin smoothing, shine reduction, eyes/teeth whitening, and much more.

ON1 Portrait AI 2021 can automatically retouch faces in your images. The plugin also gives you fine-tune control over the look of your portraits. Image credit: ON1

ON1 Resize 2021 is a photo enlargement tool. Using ON1's proprietary Genuine Fractals technology, ON1 Resize 2021 is a 'must-have for the highest-quality enlargements and prints.' The plugin allows you to crop, resize and sharpen your images simultaneously while 'maintaining an extraordinary amount of detail.' You can use ON1 Resize to add wings for canvas prints, and you can create mosaics by tiling images.

You can use ON1 Resize 2021 to crop, resize and prepare your images for print. Image credit: ON1

The final plugin in the ON1 Professional Plugin Bundle is ON1 HDR. ON1 HDR allows you to create natural-looking HDR images by combining bracketed exposures. Users can control movement in a scene, such as moving clouds and running water using a real-time live preview function and optimizing HDR images with stackable filters, masking tools, and retouching tools.

ON1 HDR promises 'natural' results and includes stackable filters, masking tools and retouching tools. Image credit: ON1

ON1 Professional Plugins for Capture One are available individually for $69.99 each. You can purchase the bundle, including all four plugins, for $99.99. A 14-day trial for each plugin is also available. When purchasing any ON1 plugin, you receive both Windows and macOS versions and a license for use on two computers. For additional purchasing information and to download free trials, visit ON1.