Phase One announces collaboration with Cascable for mobility advances to Phase One IQ4 cameras


posted Thursday, June 17, 2021 at 7:00 AM EDT


Phase One has announced a collaboration with Swedish software company Cascable AB on mobile platform development for Phase One IQ4 camera systems. Phase One and Cascable are taking the initial steps toward expanded mobile access and controls for all Phase One cameras built upon the IQ4 system, which features Phase One's expandable Infinity Platform. The pair of companies are working on developing and integrating Cascable software for both XF and XT cameras.

Phase One has been continually improving the Infinity Platform. Phase One built the platform from the ground up to support future camera developments and improvements via remote firmware updates. The Infinity Platform's architecture allows existing cameras to acquire additional features and new functionality via simple software updates. Phase One states, 'Integration with Cascable software will fit this model of system expandability as Phase One and Cascable continue developing their products for further integration, functionality, and features -- all specific to mobile workflows.'

'Cascable has proven itself to be a forward thinking and rock-solid software developer, focused on developing camera controls that photographers need "in the moment," whether they're in the field or in the studio,' said Drew Altdoerffer, Phase One VP Portfolio Manager for Digitization. 'The power of mobile devices is now at a point where the tremendous size, resolution, and image quality of IQ4 files can be utilized on mobile platforms. With Cascable as our guide to mobile integration, we are set to build an entirely new and integrated mobile workflow for our customers.'


The Cascable application will provide the following features to Phase One IQ4 cameras:

  • Wi-Fi & Tethered Live View: Connect directly from iOS mobile device to IQ4, via adhoc Wi-Fi, local Wi-Fi Network, or Ethernet, to view the Live View feed of your IQ4
  • Wi-Fi & Tethered Camera Controls: Connect directly from iOS mobile device to IQ4, adhoc Wi-Fi, local Wi-Fi Network, or Ethernet, and control the primary settings of the IQ4
  • Host Capture and Storage: Once connected the iOS device can act as a host, saving RAW files locally for further integration with additional mobile software and/or cloud storage
  • Image Review: Local images can be reviewed for image verification and later editing
  • Cascable App Features: The majority of Cascable specific features are available to Phase One IQ4 users. Features like the intervalometer and camera automation bring further flexibility and control to the IQ4
  • Pro Features: For all Phase One IQ4 owners, all Cascable in-app purchases are available at no cost

The Cascable Mobile App is available now for iOS and can be downloaded for free. The Cascable Mobile App features additional support for more than 200 cameras. There are in-app Pro Features available for $59.99, but they are available to IQ4 owners at no additional cost. For additional information, visit Phase One.