OM System 40-150mm F4 PRO Hands-on Review: OMDS delivers an impressively compact, lightweight and sharp telephoto zoom for Micro Four Thirds


posted Wednesday, May 11, 2022 at 2:30 PM EDT

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Alongside the OM-1 camera, OM Digital Solutions announced a pair of new OM System lenses, including the OM 40-150mm F4 PRO M.Zuiko Digital ED telephoto zoom lens. This all-new lens offers the same focal length as the Olympus 40-150mm F2.8 PRO lens but fills a different role and offers varied benefits. Along with its slower aperture, the 40-150mm F4 PRO lens is smaller, lighter and cheaper.

The size and weight of the OM 40-150mm F4 PRO lens is one of its biggest strengths. The lens weighs only 382g (13.5 oz.), which is about half the weight of the 40-150mm F2.8 PRO lens. The F4 zoom is only 99mm (3.9") long in its collapsed position, which is very compact for an 80-300mm equivalent lens. The compact form factor makes the 40-150mm F4 a great lens for handheld shooting and general walkaround photography.

OM 40-150mm F4 PRO in its collapsed position (top) versus its usable position (bottom). The lens is quite small and lightweight, weighing only 382g. Even in its extended position, the lens remains compact. The lens zooms internally, meaning that it doesn't change in length from 40mm to 150mm.

Despite being smaller, slower, and less expensive than the 40-150mm F2.8 PRO, the 40-150mm F4 PRO lens still delivers excellent image quality and earns its 'PRO' designation. The lens is sharp throughout its zoom range and across the frame, even wide open. The lens also exhibits excellent control of aberrations and flare. You don't need to worry about sacrificing image quality by using the 40-150mm F4 PRO instead of the faster, larger and pricier F2.8 zoom. The lens includes different tradeoffs relative to the F2.8 lens, but it's far from a compromise regarding image quality.

OM-1 with OM 40-150mm F4 PRO lens at 40-150, 90mm (180mm equiv.), F4, 1/1600s, ISO 250. This image has been edited.

The lens also delivers impressive autofocus. However, if you're using the new OM-1 camera, the OM 40-150mm F4 lens isn't compatible with the new mirrorless camera's 50 frames per second continuous shooting mode. Of course, the 40-150mm F4 is still well-suited to fast-paced photography.

OM-1 with OM 40-150mm F4 PRO lens at 106mm (212mm equiv.), F4, 1/200s, ISO 200. This image has been edited.

Overall, the OM 40-150mm F4 PRO, which retails for $899, is a great option for Micro Four Thirds photographers looking for a compact, lightweight telephoto zoom lens that delivers excellent image quality. To read much more about my experience with the new lens, head to our full OM 40-150mm F4 PRO Hands-on Review.

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