iStockphoto Unveils Aggressive New Referral Program

posted Monday, December 5, 2011 at 1:02 PM EST

Press Release

iStockphoto's logo. Click here to visit the iStockphoto website!New Program, Among the Highest Paying in the Industry, Gives Referrers a Choice of $20, 20 Credits or 20% Commission Plus 10 Free Credits to Newly Referred Customers

CALGARY, Alberta--(BUSINESS WIRE)--iStockphoto today announced an aggressive new referral program that rewards participants with their choice of $20, 20 credits or 20 percent commission on all first-time purchases by customers they generate. Newly referred iStockers are also awarded 10 free credits just for setting up an account.

Referrals can then be initiated through email, links or banner ads that can be easily added to a blog or website. When a potential customer clicks on a link, email or banner ad and makes a purchase within 30 days, the referring iStock member is credited with the referral. The program is open to all iStockphoto members and participation is simple.

iStock is providing several plug-and-play email templates and banner ads or participants can create their own. Participants can also promote the program via social sharing links to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin found below every iStock image. Any time a participant shares an image, their referral code is automatically embedded. If the share results in a new sale, payment is awarded.

“Word of mouth has been a key driver in the growth of iStock since day one,“ said Nichole Desrosiers, vice president of marketing for iStockphoto. “It’s also largely responsible for bringing in new categories of customers and fueling the growth of the industry. This new program is our way of thanking those people who continue to serve as evangelists in a meaningful way.”

How it Works
Customers who have been participating in the existing referral program simply have to agree to the new terms and conditions and update their links to continue earning payouts.

The following rules also apply:

  • To qualify as a referrer, a member must have purchased at least one credit pack or have at least one approved upload.

  • Participants choose a payout plan at sign up and may switch plans once per month.

  • New members must sign up and make a single purchase of at least 26 credits within 30 days of being referred in order for the program participant to receive the cash or credit bonus.

  • There is no minimum or maximum credit pack required for the percentage payout option. If a referral customer buys a 20,000 credit pack (which sells for $19,000) the referring participant gets $3,800.

  • 10 free credits are given to referrals upon sign up. This offer is good for 30 days and these credits will be extended if a purchase is made.

For complete details on the program or to enroll, visit:

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