PMA 2002 - February 24, 2002
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Toshiba's PDR-3300 digital camera. Copyright © 2002, Michael R. Tomkins. All rights reserved. Exclusive: PDR-3300 photos!
23:50 ET - First pictures of Toshiba's latest digicam, an update to the PDR-M71...

We told you about three new digital cameras announced by Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. yesterday, and at the time weren't able to provide an image of one - the PDR-3300. An update to the existing PDR-M71 featuring new styling, Secure Digital storage slot and a built-in lens cap, we're happy to provide the first photos of the camera taken at the Sneak Peek event. Toshiba's PDR-3300 digital... (More)

SiPix's SC-2300 Deluxe digital camera. Copyright © 2002, Michael R. Tomkins. All rights reserved. SiPix announces SC-2300 Deluxe!
22:23 ET - New digital camera offers 2.1 megapixel resolution, SmartMedia storage...

SiPix Inc. has today announced its new SC-2300 Deluxe digital camera, a 2.1 megapixel fixed focal length model with a 6.73mm lens equivalent to 39mm on a 35mm camera. Planned for a $179.99 price-tag, the SC-2300 features resolutions of 1600 x 1200 and 800 x 600 pixels from its 1/2.7" CCD imager, and uses SmartMedia cards for storage - with a 16MB card bundled. The unit has a 1.8" D-TFT LCD monitor... (More)

SiPix's logo. Click here to visit the SiPix website! SiPix announces StyleCam Blink!
21:22 ET - Tiny new digital camera offers ultra-portability, videoconferencing...

SiPix Inc. has today announced a new digital camera model that is bound to raise some eyebrows both for its low price and tiny size. The StyleCam Blink makes most ultracompact cameras seem huge with dimensions of just 0.6" x 1.97" x 1.97" (1.5 x 5 x 5cm) and weighs 1.5 ounces (30 grams) without batteries. With a planned price of just $39.99 when the camera ships next month, buyers will get a 640... (More)

Meade Introduces Binocular With Integrated Digicam
20:19 ET - A full-function 8X22 folding-roof prism binocular with an integrated 640X480 digicam...

Telescope manufacturer Meade has announced a $100 binocular with integrated 640x400-pixel digicam. CaptureView's full-function 8X22 folding-roof prism binocular includes a digital camera capable of storing up to forty 640X480 resolution pictures. Using software provided with the product, a user can download the images to a computer to be printed or emailed. According to Brent Blaine, Vice President... (More)

I3A, OSTA develop open spec for image, video display!
20:17 ET - MultiPhoto/Video specification aimed at making it easier for consumers to view their images and videos, either on TV or a computer...

A press release from the Optical Storage Technology Association and the International Imaging Industry Association announces that the two bodies are working on a new standard for image display and video playback. The MultiPhoto/Video specification will apparently "standardize the representation and organization of photo and video collections when stored as data files on recordable CD or DVD media.... (More)

Lexar Lexar Media Illuminates Memory Stick on Write
19:50 ET - Lexar Media's enhanced Memory Stick comes in a translucent purple shell and features a built-in LED 'in-use' indicator that 'lights when it writes' to reduce the risk of corrupting data due to premature removal from a host device. The new Memory Stick's LED lights when it writes and will stop blinking once data has been fully and safely stored or transferred to a device. Available in 32, 64 and 128MB capacities with suggested retail prices starting $29.99, the new Memory Stick will ship to retailers worldwide starting March. (More)

Lexar Media Breaks Speed Barrier with 24X Professional Series CompactFlash
19:45 ET - The new cards will replace Lexar Media's existing line of CompactFlash 16X-speed cards...

Lexar Media's new 24X Professional Series memory cards are designed and tested to be capable of performing at a minimum sustained write speed of 3.6-MB per second or faster. Cards begin shipping March in capacities of 256-MB and 512-MB at suggested retail prices of $225 and $600 respectively. (More)

NixVue's logo. Courtesy of Nixvue Systems Pte Ltd. Click here to visit the Nixvue website! Nixvue Unveils Vista, an iPod for Images
19:20 ET - The Nixvue Vista Digital Album resembles Apples MP3 device but takes it much further for digital images...

A portable storage device for digital images has long been on our Most Wanted list. And while we've followed lots of leads over the years, we've never been able to apprehend one. But Nixvue has announced an iPod-like device designed for digital images that promises to be the real thing. Available in 10-GB and 20-GB versions, it's a compact 5.7x3.2x 1.1-inch package weighing 9.9 oz. with USB, parallel,... (More)

ePoint Enhances Retail Digital Photo Centre Photofinishing System
17:59 ET - New print-on-demand, print-to-print and 'x-press' film check-in options expand Digital Photo Centre range...

ePoint Limited has introduced key enhancements to its Digital Photo Centre product family including a new print-on-demand, print-to-print scanning and 'x-press' analogue film check-in options. The Digital Photo Centre is an online terminal allowing digital camera users to display, enhance and order high quality photographic prints in virtually any retail environment. ePoint is also demonstrating the... (More)

Applied Science Fiction Introduces ROC and SHO Plug-ins
17:48 ET - The plug-ins automate color restoration and detail recovery in dark image areas...

"Our new Digital ROC and Digital SHO software plug-ins enable users to produce the kinds of pictures they actually expected when looking through a camera's viewfinder," said Dan Sullivan, president and CEO of Applied Science Fiction. "Regardless of the image source, whether scanners, digital cameras, the Internet or CDs, Applied Science Fiction's easy-to-use software plug-ins offer convenience and... (More)

Konica's KD-400Z digital camera. Courtesy of Konica Photo Imaging Inc., with modifications by Michael R. Tomkins. Konica Introduces World's First SD/MMC Card plus Memory Stick Digicams (UPDATED)
15:58 ET - Konica's 4-MP and 3-MP digicams both accept either an SD/MMC card or Memory Stick

Robert E. Striano, president and chief executive officer of Konica Photo Imaging, said the Digital Revio KD-400Z and KD-310Z are the world's first digital cameras to offer both SD/MMC Memory Card and Memory Stick storage. "This dual-slot technology bodes well for the future of our digital cameras, where smooth connections with PCs, PDAs, next-generation cellular phones, inkjet printers and other networked... (More)

Gretag Connects With Consumer Photo Kiosk
15:09 ET - Customers can enter orders on Gretag's kiosk that can be fulfilling on-site or remotely...

Powered by Telepix, the Gretag's digital photo station kiosk allows consumers to see their digital images, enhance them and order package print options. The kiosk then routes orders to on-site digital minilabs, photo printers or remote production facilities for output on dye-sublimation, inkjet or silver halide printers. The digital photo station kiosk serves as the bridge between digital input media... (More)

Gretag Unveils Performa E-Motion 408 Digital Minilab
14:54 ET - Designed for retailers who want to offer on-site digital photofinishing...

Using only 11-sq. ft. of floor space, the Gretag e-motion408 can produce 400 4x6 prints an hour. With print size capability up to 8x12-inches, this digital minilab offers low entry cost, low operation and maintenance costs, while satisfying the growing demand for a fully digital minilab offering a complement of digital services. With a built-in film processor, the e-motion408 can also satisfy consumer... (More)

Adobe's logo. Click here to visit the Adobe website! Adobe Announces Photoshop 7.0
14:38 ET - Native support for OS X and Windows XP isn't all they've added. The new Healing Brush/Patch Tool and Tool Presets with a completely reengineered paint engine are instant winners...

After our peek at Photoshop running on OS X at Macworld Expo, we've been waiting for the other shoe to drop. And today Adobe dropped it. Photoshop 7.0 will ship in April running natively on OS X (and also on 9.1) and Windows XP. The new version sports some intriguing new features. We spent an hour Friday touring the current beta version. Among the more impressive new features: 1) The Healing Brush... (More)

Pictographics Releases iCorrect EditLab Color Editing Software
14:28 ET - Photoshop plug-in intelligently enhances brightness and color and provides mask-free hue editing...

Pictographics has improved on its indispensable iCorrect color correction plug-in with a greatly enhanced four-panel plug-in that provides intelligent, automatic global color correction while providing for manual mask-free color correction. The new Photoshop color editing filter plug-in [MW] makes global color corrections based on: a) Automatic image analysis b) Memory colors you identify c)... (More)

Canon's logo. Click here to visit the Canon website! NEWSFLASH: Canon updates digicam pricing!
13:58 ET - New bundle for PowerShot G2, numerous updates to pricing as well...

Canon USA Inc. has today announced updated pricing for several models in its PowerShot S-, A- and G- series digital cameras, along with a new bundle for the PowerShot G2. Changes are as follows: Canon PowerShot S30 and S40 both reduced in price by $100. The S30 is now listed at $499, whilst the S40 lists for $699. The PowerShot G2, first announced at $899, also gets a $100 price-cut for a new list... (More)

Matrix's 64MB write-once memory card in Secure Digital format.  Copyright © 2002, The Imaging Resource.  All rights reserved. Digital Film? Single-Use Chip Memory Coming
02:46 ET - Matrix semiconductor develops write-once semiconductor memory for use as "digital film" in digicams.

This is an interesting item that I'm not quite sure how to evaluate. (Smash hit or dud?) An outfit called Matrix Semiconductor has developed a unique semiconductor technology that stacks memory cells on top of each other to produce ultra-dense, ultra-cheap digital memory. (Roughly 8x the bit density of conventional flash memory.) There's only one catch (or is it a feature?): You can only write to it... (More)

New cameras from Konica!
02:39 ET - Our friends in Holland uncover the first non-Sony digicams with Memory Stick storage...

The website has posted news of two new digital camera models from Konica. Both models feature both MMC / SD and Memory Stick storage, along with resolutions of 4.13 and 3.34 megapixels respectively. We hope to bring you fuller information shortly, however in the meantime check out LetsGoDigital's coverage for more details... (More)

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