Canon EOS-1D Mark IV Design

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Canon 1D Mark IV Front. On its front side, the Canon EOS-1D Mark IV is little changed from its predecessor, the 1D Mark III. Beyond the branding, the only noticeable changes are a slight bulge at camera left to accomodate the new high-definition HDMI video output terminal, and a tiny three-hole monaural microphone grille directly below the EOS-1 logo. (This microphone is applicable only to movie recording -- voice memos are recorded with a separate microphone on the camera's rear.



Canon 1D Mark IV Left Side. On this side, there are a couple of notable changes. Again, you can see the newly added microphone grille, and that the HDMI port has required a larger rubber flap, and a slight bulge on the front of the camera body. The system extension terminal cap is now attached to body -- a great change, as we'd heard of photographers with the Mark III losing this cap, which was previously removable. There's also a little silver trim around the mounting hole for Canon's Wireless File Transmitter.



Canon 1D Mark IV Right Side. Looking from this angle, there are no significant changes as compared to the 1D Mark III.



Canon 1D Mark IV Top. At first glance, there are no significant changes on the top deck of the 1D Mark IV, but a couple of small adjustments can be found on the top-panel LCD. ISO display can now show five digits, rather than four (with the first digit able to show one, or blank). There's also a new "D+" symbol that shows when highlight tone priority is enabled.



Canon 1D Mark IV Back. Other than those on its left side, the most noticeable changes are to be found on the Canon 1D Mark IV's rear panel, but they're still relatively modest. Overlaid on the new, higher res LCD is a slightly smaller glass cover plate, with the Canon logo now screen-printed on the camera body, rather than on the cover plate beneath the LCD panel. Near the bottom right corner is a newly added four-hole speaker grille -- although it had a microphone and voice memo function, the 1D Mark III lacked a speaker, and so couldn't play back audio notes. The protrusion between the portrait-mode AEL and Focus Point Selection buttons has also been reprofiled slightly.



Canon 1D Mark IV Bottom. Looking from this angle, there are no significant changes as compared to the 1D Mark III, with the new LCD panel's smaller cover glass and the new system extension terminal cover just barely visible.


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