Olympus E-P1 Viewfinder

See the Operation page for a discussion of the E-P1's full-time Live View using the LCD monitor as a viewfinder. Olympus also offers a the VF-1 optical viewfinder for the E-P1, available for $99. This hot-shoe mount optical viewfinder also comes with the 17mm f/2.8 kit lens when you buy the E-P1 17mm kit.


Viewfinder Test Results

Excellent accuracy from the LCD monitor. Optical viewfinder is tight.

50mm, LCD 17mm, OVF
17mm OVF with no correction
for parallax error

The Olympus E-P1's LCD proved very accurate, showing about 101% coverage with our 50mm f/2.8 low distortion prime. The optical viewfinder specially designed for the 17mm f/2.8 M.Zuiko lens was a little tight, showing only about 90% of the final frame area. As expected, there's also quite a bit of parallax error for close-in subjects when using the optical viewfinder with the 17mm lens.


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