Sony A7 III Field Test Part I

A great all-rounder with full-frame image quality and a sensible pricetag

by Mike Tomkins |

Back in late 2013, Sony offered up its Alpha A7 mirrorless camera as a significantly more affordable alternative to the headline-grabbing A7R alongside which it was launched. A year later, it followed up with the A7 II, but it wasn't that long before the A7R II arrived, once again, to reinforce that its sibling bore the stigma of an entry-level status.

Fast-forward to today, though, and 2018's Sony A7 III no longer feels like the entry-level, full-frame camera which it still is. Sure, it retains much the same 24-megapixel resolution as its predecessors, and bears quite similar styling as well, but it suddenly feels like a much more complete package thanks to a very convincing upgrade in the performance department, as well as a profusion of useful new features.

The basic model, decoded
In introducing the A7 III to journalists attending the recent WPPI show in Las Vegas -- myself included -- Sony called its new creation "The Basic Model", a moniker which was met with perhaps a little confusion from press and public alike. I think perhaps a little subtlety was lost in translation here, but I believe what Sony was getting at was that the A7 III no longer leaves you with the impression that something is still wanting.

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