NFL football games to get Matrix-style bullet time cameras in the end zone


posted Monday, July 29, 2013 at 1:40 PM EST


Just when you thought a football game couldn't have any more replays, rewinds, slow-mos, and general carrying on, the folks at NBC have added a new photographic tool to their arsenal. Starting with the Dallas Cowboys/Giants game on on September 8, both end zones will have full 365-degree camera rigs, capable of capturing Matrix-like bullet time shots of touchdowns and plays.

According to the Wrap, each end-zone will have 24 cameras in order to capture a full, all sides image of the most crucial moments in the game. These will then be able to be replayed from any angle, and even spiraling around the event.

These end zone cameras have been set up in Dallas at Cowboys stadium, but there's no word if other stadiums will be getting similar technology. But if they do, it'll be one more tool to keep you glued to your seats.

This isn't the first time we've seen this technology pop up in sports of late. Just a few months ago, Japanese broadcasters NHK proposed something similar, but with eight robot cameras. If you want to do it yourself on a budget, there are naturally cheaper ways.

(via Gizmodo, PetaPixel)