The Camera Bag: This incredible, wooden Nikon F2 replica is a fully functional digital camera


posted Thursday, August 1, 2013 at 12:24 PM EDT


Usually, when we see a replica camera made of an unusual material, it's some sort of art piece that doesn't actually do anything. But this incredible wooden Nikon F2 — dubbed the Nikon F2D — is more than just an astonishing carving. It's a fully functional camera as well.

Crafted by French photographer Cesar Sebouhian and his father, they aimed to replicate the look of a Nikon F2 with more modern internals. Dubbing the original design "perfection," the pair put a Nikon point-and-shoot camera inside of this beautiful, wooden shell.

More than just a hard case, the Nikon F2D actually allows Sebouhian to control the camera through a series of external buttons and levers. For example, the F2D shutter hits the actual shutter button, but to zoom he has to use a switch on the front of the camera. And what was once the viewfinder lock button is used to turn the thing on and off. Combine that with the touchscreen interface of the camera, and you have all the settings you need to tweak.

For more photos of the Nikon F2D, check out PetaPixel's interview with Sebouhian.