Canon hits 70 million milestone for EOS SLRs


posted Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 1:25 PM EDT


In 1987, Canon began manufacture of the EOS 650 35mm SLR Camera, the first ever in the company's "Electro Optical System" (EOS) line. Now, some 27 years later, Canon has just announced that it has produced 70 million EOS SLRs, across both film and digital formats.

Canon only appears to be speeding up, too. The 60 million mark was hit in October 2012, and just 16 months later, another 10 million units have been added to the tally. Canon is also pumping out lenses at an astonishing rate. The company hit 90 million in May 2013, and has been taking slightly less than a year to produce 10 million lenses since approximately 2010. Canon is officially guessing the hundred millionth lens will roll off production lines in 2014, but we'd suggest it'll most likely be before mid-year.

And as for that Canon EOS 650 that sparked this whole revolution? You can pick one up on the cheap off eBay, probably for less than $20.