Photographer endures brutal conditions to capture Arctic at its most natural


posted Monday, November 23, 2015 at 5:08 PM EDT


The Arctic is a harsh and unforgiving location with brutally cold weather. It's a location that many would not consider all that pleasant, from a comfort standpoint at least. Danish photographer Morten Hilmer, on the other hand, heads out to the Arctic quite often. In a video outlining his recent project, The Silence of the North, Hilmer discusses his motivation for the project and for venturing out into the unforgiving Arctic conditions.

"I search for the true essence of nature, " Hilmer says. "And so I'm out there when the weather is really rough, and then I capture the real silence of the north."

In an effort to find reindeer, Hilmer enlists the help of a pack of dogs and a dogsled. Hilmer spent two years as a Danish Special Forces soldier in the Sirius Sledge Patrol in Greenland. During his service, he experienced first-hand brutal winter conditions and traveled extensively on a dogsled.

Rather than never come back to the Arctic, his time spent freezing during his military service instead inspired him to return as a photographer.


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In the video below, you can see a variety of Hilmer's images and see him working in these difficult conditions. He goes to great lengths to capture compelling images of the Arctic landscapes and its inhabitants.

To see more of Hilmer's work, check out his website.

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