Attack of the drones: Man avoids injury as drone crashes through his office window


posted Monday, April 11, 2016 at 1:02 PM EDT


Have you ever been working in your office and had a drone crash through your window onto your desk? David Perel has.

A DJI Phantom 3 came crashing through his window, sending glass everywhere, and landing on his desk while he was working. In the video description as seen below, Perel says of the incident: "While sitting at my desk I heard what sounded like a missile followed by a huge bang and glass all over me. Turns out someone lost control of their drone. Lucky to be uninjured!"

The drone's pilot appeared to be flying his drone far too fast and too close to Perel's building, but fortunately the only damage done was property damage. It's not difficult to imagine a piece of broken glass causing serious damage to someone in a case like this though.

(Warning: Foul language ensues after drone crashes through window, though certainly understandable in a case like this!)

Perhaps if the pilot had been flying a new DJI Phantom 4 with its collision avoidance features enabled, Perel wouldn't have had to clean bits of broken glass out of his keyboard. Although, based on LIXI Studios' experience with collision avoidance, maybe it wouldn't have mattered. Or perhaps the pilot would have opted to turn all of the features off and go into sport mode to fly at its top speed of around 45 miles per hour.

Fortunately, as I worked on this article, no drones flew through my window.

(Seen via Fstopppers)