Sony A6300 Image Quality Comparison: Side-by-side with the A6000, GX8, X-T1, D7200 and full-frame A7


posted Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at 1:32 PM EDT


With the Sony A6000 having been the most popular camera on our website for more than two years running, it's been no surprise to see the recently announced Sony A6300 successor enjoying a similar level of enthusiasm from our reader base. Sporting a new sensor and an image processor reported to have updated algorithms, the A6300 strives to outshine its popular predecessor in the image quality department.

Did it succeed? And of equal importance to many readers, how does it compare to other popular offerings in today's market?

Our Image Quality Comparison analysis is a comprehensive look at how the A6300 fares against the competition. And our trademark Print Quality Analysis will let you know what sized prints you can expect to achieve with good IQ across the available ISO spectrum.

See how the Sony A6300 stacks up against the A6000 and other modern rivals,
including in-depth analysis from our technical editing team

Dive in below for all the details!

Sony A6300:

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Sony A6000 vs Sony A6300