Running on empty: Nikon offers free replacement batteries for D500 owners plagued by poor battery life


posted Monday, June 6, 2016 at 8:30 AM EDT


The Nikon D500 uses an EN-EL15 lithium-ion battery, which Nikon has used in other cameras including the D7000-series, D600, D800-series, D750 and V1. In 2013, Nikon changed the way this battery discharges electricity, and the result has created some consternation and battery woes for recent D500 purchasers.

For whatever reason, if you use pre-modified EN-EL15 Li-ions in the D500 this may result in shorter than specified battery life or inaccurate reporting of the remaining charge in the battery.


The battery that comes with the D500 is modified, but users may have older batteries from other cameras they own, or perhaps purchased an older one for use in their D500. If you have any pre-modification EN-EL15 batteries, you can return them to Nikon for replacement at no cost.

So how do you know if any of your batteries are pre-modification? Easy, if your EN-EL15 shows "Li-ion01" on the back then it has not been modified and is eligible for replacement. Any batteries that say "Li-ion20" are good to go and should work fine with your new D500.

To replace your Li-ion01 batteries, you must supply the receipt for your D500 purchase and contact Nikon. Not only is the replacement battery free, but all shipping charges will be covered as well.

Full power restored!

(Seen via Nikon Rumors