posted Saturday, July 16, 2016 at 5:59 AM EST


Australian adventure photographer Krystle Wright is willing to go to great lengths to capture a unique image. She approached Canon Australia to work together on a project that she had been passionate about for a long time: Photographing kayakers going over a large waterfall... at night.

This is a very difficult scenario, but Wright was well-armed with a Canon 1DX Mark II. To help with getting the desired lighting, Krystle attached two Canon Speedlites to a custom-built drone.

Not only is the video below a great showcase of the 1DX II's capabilities, but it gives a neat glimpse behind the scenes of a photographer who sees a challenge not as a roadblock but rather an opportunity to make distinct imagery. To capture the kayakers going over the precipice, Wright rigged herself to a rope that she had attached to a nearby tree. That's dedication!

For more information on the shoot, see Krystle's article on Canon Australia. For more behind the scenes information, check out this article on Resource Magazine.


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(Seen via Resource Magazine