Canon G7X II Image Quality Comparison: Going up against the G7X, RX100 IV, LX100 and more


posted Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at 4:43 PM EST


Back in May we posted our production-grade First Shots for the immensely popular Canon G7X Mark II compact with its 1-inch type sensor and 24-100mm eq. zoom range. Now, as we're working hard to bring you our final conclusion for this well-received camera, we wanted to go ahead and roll out our G7X II Image Quality Comparison.

In these tables of comparison images, our technical editor Zig Weidelich takes a deep-dive into our Still Life lab samples and compares them at 1:1 resolution against the predecessor and the current competition as ISO rises. As many of you know, you can perform your own comparisons with the G7X II against any camera we've ever tested in our Comparometer, but our IQC post allows you to quickly see all of the most common comparisons in one place with experienced editorial analysis.

But that's not all! Following these tables is our signature Print Quality Analysis section where we inform you of what print sizes you can expect to achieve at "good" quality across the ISO spectrum. (Yes, folks... we print each and every ISO at 3-4 different sizes in order to fully gauge for you the largest optimal print size at each ISO setting.)

Interested in how the Canon G7X II fares in the fine detail department? Below is our fine detail table from the Image Quality Comparison.

Dive in below for all the details!

Canon G7X II Image Quality ComparisonPrint Quality Analysis