Caffeine Priority: Simple, elegant LensPacks creates a must-have solution to hassle of changing lenses


posted Wednesday, July 20, 2016 at 4:59 AM EST


Wake up with IR! Here's today's cup of Caffeine Priority...

Sometimes a product comes along that is so simple and useful that you can't help but wonder what took so long for it to exist. LensPacks are one of those products.

They're basically small plastic devices with Velcro on one side that stick to the inside of your camera bag, allowing you to mount your lens to the inside of the bag, and foregoing the need for a rear lens cap. Available in Sony, Nikon, Canon EF, Micro Four Thirds, Fujifilm X and Pentax lens mounts, LensPacks will greatly speed up your lens changes in the field.

I tested the LensPacks out with Micro Four Thirds lenses from Olympus and it was immediately obvious that they were a much faster way to change lenses in the field. Rather than have to fumble with a lens cap while trying to change lenses, I could take my lens off, quickly put it on the mount inside my bag and attach the desired optic.

As long as your camera bag of choice has Velcro, you're good to go. I tested it with multiple backpacks, including the Think Tank Retrospective 20 and StreetWalker HardDrive bags and Mindshift Gear's UltraLight 36L. It worked well with all of them. What if your bag doesn't have Velcro? LensPacks have you covered as they sell an adhesive-backed Velcro sheet that you can place in your bag to make it compatible with the LensPacks system.


Once you go LensPacks, I don't know why you would go back to having to deal with detached lens caps when switching lenses out in the field again. Like every good accessory, LensPacks will quickly become a must-have piece of gear in your bag and it will save you valuable time (and maybe even a dropped lens or two).

LensPacks lens holders are available in red and black for $14.99 each. 


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