The lasting images of the 2016 Olympics: Taking a look back at the best photos captured in Rio


posted Thursday, August 25, 2016 at 11:34 AM EST


We have closed the book on the Rio Summer Olympics, but there were images captured during the 16 days of competition that will live on for a long time. Agencies like Getty, the Associated Press and more sent huge groups of photographers, editors and technicians to Brazil to ensure that they would capture the best possible images. Wires, cables and robots were installed and set up weeks and months in advance; the planning stage dates back years. So what did all of this hard work produce? A ton of fantastic photos, and below you can see some of the best.

While there are only a handful of images in this article, Getty alone averaged around 83,000 shots per day. Over the course of the Olympiad, that's over 1.3 million images! All of which are transferred via 62 miles of fiber optic cables, allowing Getty to move images from capture to client in under a minute, according to their Vice President of Sports Ken Mainardis. Getty even enlisted the help of underwater robots to capture iconic images from Rio's pools.

But that's enough background on how it was all accomplished: Just sit back and scroll through the excellent images below!


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You can see more excellent images from the 2016 Olympics in this article at Fstoppers. To read about some of the most popular photographic equipment used to shoot the games, see here. While not laying down as much cable as Getty, the Associated Press had a lot of prep work to do as well.

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