Refining the filter holder: Wine Country Camera’s filter holder includes many features, releases this fall


posted Tuesday, August 30, 2016 at 3:59 PM EST


Wine Country Camera has a new 100mm filter holder system on the way and they state their "exquisitely designed" product will excite photographers. Oftentimes a filter holder system can be cumbersome to use, but the Wine Country Camera Filter Holder System looks to be as feature-rich as any filter holder I've seen.

The video preview below covers the features of the filter holder, so I won't write about every detail, but as a regular user of a filter holder system, there are some very intriguing features included in the Wine Country Camera filter holder. The built-in rotating polarizer slot is very clever and being able to rotate it without having to take anything apart or remove any other filters is excellent. Additionally, the filter vaults are cool. It is a nerve-racking process to remove large, unprotected filters from a traditional filter holder because they can easily slip out of your hands and the concern of a piece of expensive glass falling from a filter holder is always on my mind. Not only do the filter vaults provide protection against light leaks -- which is critical -- but they also provide protection for the filters themselves.

The built-in button stops for graduated neutral density filters are also a welcome feature. In fact, everything about the product looks to be thoughtfully designed. The camera filter holder will be compatible with 100mm x 100mm and 100mm x 150mm filters that are 2mm thick. It is not yet clear for which different lenses adapter rings will be available. Wine Country Camera's Facebook and Instagram pages are up and running but their website is not yet fully-operational.

Ordering for the system will reportedly start around Photokina with the product delivering before the holidays. However, pricing has not yet been disclosed. There is much more to learn about the Wine Country Camera Filter Holder system, but everything we've seen so far looks promising.

(Seen via Fstoppers)