Battle of the Drones: DJI Mavic takes on the GoPro Karma, but which has air superiority?


posted Friday, October 14, 2016 at 3:30 PM EST


The GoPro Karma and DJI Mavic drones have been getting a lot of attention since their September unveils. The folks at MediaKix have put together an excellent infographic breaking down these two drones, even presenting the information with a fun Star Wars twist (although it's a shame that "drones" rhymes with "Attack of the Clones", one of the least popular films in the series).

In the "Attack of the Drones" infographic below, MediaKix pits the Karma and Mavic against each other in a wide array of categories including physical specifications, camera capabilities, flight features, control, pricing, availability and more. So scroll down below to see how the attention-grabbing drones compare. You can also read MediaKix's coverage of Casey Neistat's comparison of the Karma and Mavic here.

Image credit: MediaKix. Republished with permission. 

To read more about both of these drones in greater detail, be sure to read our Senior Reviews Editor Mike Tomkins' excellent coverage of them, courtesy of our GoPro Karma preview and DJI Mavic preview.