Magic Lantern user finds a way to capture 14-bit DNG RAW images in-camera, bypassing CR2 capture


posted Tuesday, January 3, 2017 at 12:50 PM EDT


Magic Lantern makes open-source firmware modifications for Canon EOS cameras, allowing users the ability to utilize features that weren’t included in Canon’s own firmware such as on-screen overlays, headphone monitoring, additional bracketing options, in-camera intervalometers, and much more. In a post on their forums, Magic Lantern user "a1ex" showcased a proof of concept for something very exciting for some Canon shooters, a way to enable in-camera capture of 14-bit DNG RAW files on Canon EOS cameras.

In contrast to Canon’s proprietary CR2 RAW format, Adobe’s DNG format is typically smaller and may fit better into various user’s personal workflows. PetaPixel argues that perhaps this breakthrough by Magic Lantern could lead the way toward 24 frames per second DNG RAW video being possible, although it is currently only operational when shooting stills.


For many photographers, the default firmware and proprietary RAW format works well, however, some users enjoy instead working with DNG or converting RAW files to DNG format for the sake of archiving, as Adobe has pledged to indefinitely support DNG, which they developed and launched in 2004, and it is difficult to predict how proprietary formats will be treated years down the road. Many manufacturers, including Canon, Nikon and Sony have continued to stick with proprietary formats, but Leica and Pentax are two manufacturers who offer in-camera DNG capture, for example.

(Seen via DIY Photography and Digital Trends)