SwellPro’s waterproof drones look to offer drone users the best of air and sea


posted Friday, April 21, 2017 at 11:00 AM EDT


Why should your drone be limited to the air, how about a submergible drone? Naturally a standard drone can’t be dipped in a lake or ocean, but specialist drone maker SwellPro makes a variety of waterproof drones.

Dustin Dunnill tried a SwellPro Splash Drone for his YouTube channel and in the video below, you can see it flying in the air and moving through the water.

While you may not need the fisherman-friendly features of the $1,400 Splash Drone Fisherman, the $1,600 Splash Drone Auto comes with remote fishing line and bait release plus “the world’s first waterproof 2-axis gimbal” and a variety of smart flight features.

For drone pilots who regularly fly over water and perhaps worry about their drone taking an unintended – and possibly terminal – swim, it’s worth taking a look at SwellPro’s offerings.

(Via DIY Photography)