Light & Motion partners with Elinchrom for portable, rugged continuous lighting with wireless control


posted Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at 10:00 AM EDT


Renowned lighting companies Light & Motion and Elinchrom have announced a strategic partnership. The fruits of this partnership are immediate with the announcement of Light and Motion’s new Stella Pro 5000 RF and Stella Pro 8000 RF single-point LED lights.

The Stella Pro lights are portable, weatherproof and offer a continuous 5600 Kelvin light. Thanks to the partnership with Elinchrom, the lights include Elinchrom’s Skyport Protocol. This allows RF control of the Stella lights across 20 channels in four separate groups and power control from 0 percent to 100 percent. The working control range of the lights is up to 656 feet (200 meters) when working outdoors. With Skyport compatibility, the Stella Pro lights can also be controlled with the Speedmaster L868D-U with Elinchrom/Phottix module and the Litemaster Pro L-478D-U-EL.

Of the new Stella Pro lights, Light & Motion CEO Daniel Emerson says, “We pride ourselves on updating our products to keep up with the demand of today’s photographic, video, and broadcast professionals. We are incredibly excited to partner with Elinchrom and be the first to offer their newly available Skyport Protocol in our new RF products to the video market. This is the beginning of a very exciting collaboration." Elinchrom’s CEO, Simon Whittle, adds, “We are delighted to be partnering with Light & Motion as the first manufacturer to incorporate our Skyport® Protocol into their new Stella Pro RF lineup. Both Elinchrom and Light & Motion share a belief that the simpler we can make our end users’ workflow, the more efficient and creative they can be. The video market is a fast moving place that both our companies want to help keep moving forward with the best, most thoughtful products we can offer."

In addition to the new Stella Pro lights, there are also new Pro Kits available which include a variety of accessories including custom products from Tenba. The Stella Pro RF units will be available in June 2017 with pre-sale beginning today, April 24. You can learn more here. Pricing for the Stella Pro 5000 RF starts at just under US$2,000 and kits are priced up to around $6,000.


(Via Photography Blog)