Shutter Release: FAA issuing refunds, Canon shutter durability test and an astrophotography mount review


posted Friday, July 7, 2017 at 9:30 AM EST


Before the weekend kicks off, here are some photography stories to check out. We start today's Shutter Release with a potential opportunity for a refund for our American drone owners. After that, YouTuber Caleb Pike discusses a $50 product lighting setup. Have you ever wondered how accurate manufacturer claims are about shutter durability? A photographer had put Canon's claim for the 7D Mark II to the test. Finally, we wrap up this Friday edition of Shutter Release with a new Fstoppers review of a cool astrophotography mount to help photographers capture sharper stars.

If you registered your drone, the Federal Aviation Administration might owe you money - DIY Photography

It was recently announced that the FAA would no longer require people to register their personal drones. After the federal appellate court ruling determining that the FAA was not within their rights to force hobbyists to register their drones, the FAA now has to offer to de-list drones and offer refunds. If you want to delete your registration and receive a refund, see here.

Product lighting for video for under $50 - ISO 1200

Caleb Pike has made a new video showing how to professionally light products for video without spending more than $50. Check it out below.

Watch a Canon 7D Mark II shutter pushed to its limit - SLR Lounge

YouTube user ContinueCrushingTech recently acquired a Canon 7D Mark II, but it had a display malfunction requiring it to be sent into Canon. He took the opportunity to see if Canon's claim that the shutter was good for 200,000 shutter actuations would hold true for his own camera. You can see what happens in the video below. Skip ahead to the 21:00 mark if you want to see the final shutter count.

Fstoppers reviews Sky-Watcher Adventurer Mini astrophotography mount - Fstoppers

Photographer Mike DeStefano recently reviewed the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Mini. This tracking platform allows you to capture sharper images of the night sky by moving your camera during capture. Click here to learn how the device worked for DeStefano and to see a variety of sample shots.