Shutter Release: Photoshop shortcuts, Nat Geo photographs Nepal’s last honey hunters and more


posted Friday, July 14, 2017 at 9:30 AM EST


Today's Shutter Release is all about videos. We have videos covering a wide range of topics, including new Adobe Stock features, keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop, behind-the-scenes with National Geographic and we wrap up today's Shutter Release with a beautiful video that combines cutting-edge time lapse and editing techniques.

In case this is the first Shutter Release you've read, it is a new regular feature here at Imaging Resource. There is a lot of great content out there and while we are dedicated to bringing you the best in news and original review content, we also want to make sure that you see awesome content that others are producing. Shutter Release is a way for us to share and summarize some of the interesting content from around the web.

Adobe Stock's new Aesthetic Filters function offers an interesting way to search the image catalog

Last month, Adobe announced numerous updates to its Adobe Stock service. One of the new features is the Aesthetic Filter feature. In case you missed the news in June, check it out in action below. I can't help but think what an Adobe Lightroom search function might be like with similar features.

Keyboard shortcuts every Photoshop user needs to learn - Fstoppers

Keyboard shortcuts can be a pain to learn, it's hard to build good habits after all, but once you know the shortcuts, they can dramatically speed up your workflow and make your editing easier. We all want to spend more time shooting and less time editing, right? Learn these shortcuts to become more efficient.

"The Last Honey Hunter," behind the scenes with National Geographic - ISO 1200

Renan Ozturk and Mark Synnott traveled to Nepal to experience the last traditional honey harvest. It's a fascinating video with some great imagery.

This video shows off incredible camera techniques - PetaPixel

Filmmaker Tom Lowe has released the trailer for his upcoming film, "Awaken," and it is a beautiful trailer. Make sure to watch it in 4K.