Shutter Release: An intestinal intersection of photography and medicine


posted Thursday, August 3, 2017 at 12:30 PM EST


There is a lot of interesting content out there and we want to help make sure you see as much of it as possible. While we are dedicated to bringing you great original content, our colleagues and peers around the web create a lot of articles, tutorials and videos worth sharing. Alongside the occasional photography gear announcement, Shutter Release is designed to deliver interesting content from around the web.

Today's Shutter Release roundup includes a pill camera, a video about whether gear matters, a guide to using color contrast and a video about the joys of long exposure photography. Let's get started!

The PillCam is a tiny camera going on life-saving journeys through the body - Red River Paper Blog

You can swallow a camera and give your doctor a unique look at what is going on inside your body. It can be difficult to take a peek inside your digestive system, especially a non-invasive one, when there are abnormalities. A condition like internal bleeding or a tumor can be life-threatening and also difficult to observe. That's where the PillCam comes in. The $500 camera is only an inch long (26 millimeters) and weighs a fraction of an ounce (3.7 grams). It records images at two to six frames per second for eight hours or less before unceremoniously being expelled from your body. For a diagram of the PillCam and sample shots, check out the article about the incredible camera technology at Red River Paper.

Five photographers discuss the importance of gear - PetaPixel

Erik Wahlstrom had five photographers answer the question, "Does gear matter?" Listen to their answers below.

Using color contrast to help your images stand out - Digital Photography School

Contrast is hugely important in photography. A lot of the time, when people think about contrast, they think about light versus dark. However, color contrast is important too. Red contrasts heavily against blue, purple contrasts green, etc. To learn more about color contrast and how to utilize it in your compositions, see here.

Long exposure photography - Fstoppers

Photographer Thomas Heaton recently went out to capture long exposure images. In the usual style of his videos, we get to see him working and hear about what sort of gear he uses for long exposure work. In the video below, he tests out the new 10 stop IRND filter from Lee.