Nikon 28mm f/1.4E Field Test: Fast prime lens offers great bokeh and build quality


posted Friday, August 4, 2017 at 11:50 AM EDT

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Nikon has continued upgrading its prime lenses with a new fast 28mm f/1.4E ED AF-S optic. In addition to offering a faster maximum aperture than its 28mm f/1.8G counterpart, the new f/1.4E lens has an electromagnetic diaphragm to ensure better exposure consistency during burst shooting and video recording.

Alongside its improved features and rugged build quality, the Nikon 28mm f/1.4E lens provides great optical quality, particularly in the center of the frame. Given its focal length and fast aperture, the lens is well-suited for a wide variety of shooting situations. To learn more about the lens and its performance out in the field, click the photo or link below.

Nikon D800E: f/2.8, 1/320s, ISO 400.
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Nikon 28mm f/1.4E Field Test