Shutter Release: 4K camera tech, Godox flash, Bokeh Factory lenses, fixing distortion and booking models


posted Monday, August 7, 2017 at 8:55 AM EST


We hope you had a good weekend and that the weather was favorable for great photography! Let's start this Monday off right with a great mix of content from around the web. Shutter Release is a regular roundup feature wherein we share and summarize interesting articles and videos we see around the internet. At Imaging Resource, we work hard to bring you a lot of original content and Shutter Release brings you other interesting photo-related content here as well.

Today's roundup features five articles covering a wide range of topics. We start with an article about whether your 4K camera is truly 4K. We follow that up with a video tutorial about correcting severe distortion in Photoshop. Godox has been doing a lot of interesting work in the flash industry and a photographer wants to talk about their Fujifilm support. Bokeh is a big buzz word these days, are new "Bokeh Factory" lenses the next great portrait optics? We'll find out. Finally, we finish with a very good guide for contacting and booking models for photo shoots. Let's get to it.

Perhaps your 4K camera isn't really 4K after all - DIY Photography

Cinematographer Geoff Boyle explains that how your sensor actually records pixels in an image is very important as to whether or not your camera is lying to you about its resolution. For example, a 4K Bayer sensor records red, green and blue data, but doesn't record RGB data for each pixel, rather recording 2 x 1K in red, 2 x 2K in green and 2 x 1K in blue while interpolating missing data. For much more information on this interesting topic, watch the video below.

Fixing severe distortion in Photoshop - SLR Lounge

Photographer Rex Jones has created a nice tutorial for fixing severe distortion when doing panoramas inside of Photoshop.

The importance of Godox's Fujifilm support - Fstoppers

For Fujifilm X and GFX shooters, the lack of TTL and high-speed sync support with third-party lighting has been an issue. However, the situation is changing thanks in part to Godox. They offer a fully compatible flash system for Fujifilm shooters and are the first flash company to do so. Over at Fstoppers, Dylan Goldby has written an overview of Godox's product offerings and the importance of their Fujifilm support.

A review of The Bokeh Factory - Palecwnosie lenses - Fstoppers

For photographers in love with smooth backgrounds and distinct bokeh, there's been no better time to shoot. It seems like every month a new product is popping up designed to offer a particular background look. There's something special about finding that perfect lens for you because every lens truly is different and offers a unique look. One company obsessed with creating lenses with character is The Bokeh Factory. Fstoppers has taken a look at some of their lenses and if you're interested in bokeh, it's well worth checking out.


A guide to contacting and booking models - PetaPixel

Booking your first model shoot can be a very intimidating experience. Whether it is an acquaintance or a professional you've never met, photographers have a lot of questions about the process. Photographer Jake Hicks has written a great resource for those looking to book a model for a photoshoot. It includes advice for what you should and should not do as well as information from models themselves. Once you've found suitable models, Hicks also offers ideas on how to craft a message and what the next steps are.