Packing for a photo trip: Landscape photographer breaks down his camping gear kit


posted Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 4:00 PM EDT


For outdoor photographers, particularly those who are preparing for an extended trek, one of the most important steps happens before you even set off. Packing the right gear is critical. Sometimes weight is at a premium, which can make it even more challenging. Thankfully photographer Thomas Heaton has a video which breaks down his own photography/camping/hiking kit.

As you make more trips, you'll learn more about what you don't need and what you wish you had, but it really helps to see what's in Heaton's bag, "camping edition." I love gear, so it's nice to see Heaton discuss his gear and what he likes about it (and in some cases what he wishes was a bit different about it).

To see more from Thomas Heaton, visit his YouTube channel and website.

(Via Fstoppers)