posted Monday, September 11, 2017 at 11:15 AM EST


Kodak Eastman and C+A Global have announced the Kodak Printomatic Camera, a brand-new instant-print camera. The "stylish point-and-shoot camera instantly prints high-quality, full color photos right from the camera body."

Kodak is positioning the Printomatic as an ideal companion for event planners, scrap bookers, vacationers and partygoers. The photos from the Printomatic print with adhesive backing, so you can quickly capture, print and stick the photos on a page. Steven Overman, the President of Kodak's Consumer and Film Division and Kodak's Chief Marketing Officer says of the Printomatic, "[It] is a contemporary camera with a wonderful balance of digital and analog technology. It's an accessible device for anybody who wants to create a lasting memory in a tangible, colorful way."

The Printomatic makes 2" x 3" photo prints and will be released in gray and yellow colorways. The camera has a built-in flash and lithium-ion battery and has two shooting modes, vibrant color and black and white. There's a microSD card slot. When the Printomatic releases later this month for just under US$70, it will come with a USB cable, Quick Start guide, 10-pack of Kodak Zing Photo Paper and a memory card. Additional paper will be available in 20 and 50 packs.


Kodak Printomatic Instant Print Camera