Nikon D850 Comparisons: Pitting this heavyweight against the 5D IV, 5DS R, GFX, D810 & A7R II


posted Monday, September 11, 2017 at 2:53 PM EDT

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At Imaging Resource we are all about comparing images from competing cameras. We all look at many factors when considering what to buy, but image quality is at or near the top for most of us. This holds even more true as the ISO gain begins to rise.

With that in mind, our Technical Editor Zig Weidelich has been busy indeed, poring over comparisons from the new Nikon D850 against both the predecessor Nikon D810 as well as against competing models in the Canon 5D Mark IV and 5DS R, Fuji GFX-50S and of course the Sony A7R Mark II. For this "mini-shootout" he chose base ISO as well as ISO 6400, a gain setting that often separates the stronger models from the professional wanna-be's.

Below is an example of the analysis Zig provides of the comparisons in the article:


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