Shutter Release: Kobra flash modifier, iPhone X video specs, Lightroom secrets, tinting images and more


posted Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 2:00 PM EDT


It's been a busy week so far here at Imaging Resource, with a lot of news to cover. Let's take some time to share a variety of interesting photography content with you in today's edition of our regular roundup feature, Shutter Release.

Today's Shutter Release will focus on tips for photographing reptiles, a new Kickstarter for a flash modifier system, a look at why the new iPhone X has better video shooting specs than many dedicated cameras and a pair of photo editing tutorials. Let's get to it.

How to photograph reptiles according to professional photographer Jason Steel - Amateur Photographer

Photographer Jason Steel has shared many tips on photographing reptiles over at Amateur Photographer. If you want to learn how to find and photograph reptiles, it's well worth a look. Plus Jason shares some really cool shots.

Kobra Flash Modifier system launches on Kickstarter - Canon Rumors

If you're looking for a lightweight and flexible light modifier, the new Kobra Flash Modifier system might be just what you're looking for. The system relies on a new Kobra Band, which holds the flash modifier and also secures a new color gel system. You can get an early bird edition of the full kit for only $80 as part of the "Super Early Bird" backer package. Learn more about the campaign in the video below.

iPhone X records Full HD video at up to 240 frames per second, why doesn't your camera? ISO 1200

Max Yuryev wants to know why the iPhone X has better video recording specs than many cameras. Listen to his thoughts below.

5 secret Lightroom tips in 4 minutes - PhotoshopCAFE

Colin Smith of PhotoshopCAFE has a new video focused on a handful of Lightroom tips that you may not have seen before. How many of the Lightroom tips and tricks below did you already know?

Using layers in Photoshop to tint images - Frank Doorhof

If you want to quickly tint your images, layers are a very powerful - and free - method for doing so. Check this technique out in action below. For more videos like this, visit Frank Doorhof's YouTube channel.