Shutter Release: Using reflectors, 5 Photoshop tricks, Rembrandt lighting, spot metering & Yashica news


posted Saturday, September 23, 2017 at 11:00 AM EDT


This weekend, we have four videos to share and more news about Yashica's return. The first video comes from Phlearn and it's about six ways to take better portraits using reflectors. The next video includes five must-know Photoshop retouching tricks. This is followed by a video about low key portraiture using Rembrandt lighting and a tutorial video dealing with spot metering techniques. Finally, we will learn a bit more about Yashica's upcoming return.

Shutter Release is a roundup feature here at Imaging Resource wherein we share and summarize content from our colleagues. Typical content we feature in Shutter Release includes behind the scenes videos and tutorial videos, for example, but can encompass anything we believe our readers will find interesting.

Six ways to take better portraits using reflectors - Phlearn

Reflectors are one of the most affordable tools you can use to greatly enhance your portrait photography. They can be made right at home, or purchased, and can be used indoors or outdoors to act as an additional light without needing an additional light source. It's amazing how much you can do with a single light and reflectors.

Five useful Photoshop tricks - Fstoppers

The Photoshop Training Channel recently published a video all about Photoshop retouching tips and tricks. The tricks in the video below include loading luminosity as a selection, spot healing brush tool modes and much more.

Low key portraiture using Rembrandt lighting - The Slanted Lens

Rembrandt lighting is a common technique for portraiture, but that doesn't mean it's easy. In the video below from Jay P. Morgan, you can see how to use the technique to create low key portraits.

Advanced spot metering techniques - Beyond Photography

When you can't find a good midtone in a scene, you might want to try out spot metering using a highlight and shadows technique. Beyond Photography shows you how in the video below.

Yashica launching "unprecedented" camera in October - Photo Rumors

We recently shared a teaser video from Yashica about an upcoming camera. Well the company is back with another teaser. "The unprecedented camera" by Yashica will be hitting Kickstarter in October. We are very curious to see what they have up their sleeve.