Shutter Release: Radial gradients, Zen of shooting film, Kerlee 35mm f/1.2 & Canon EOS M5 travels light


posted Monday, September 25, 2017 at 9:15 AM EDT


We hope you had a good weekend, Imaging Resource readers. Let's kick off the new week with a bang. In today's Shutter Release roundup, we will look at using radial gradients in Photoshop to direct your viewer's eyes, a day in the life of a fashion photographer, an Eric Kim article about the "Zen" of shooting film, a hands-on video and sample images from the Kerlee 35mm lens and we finish with a video from landscape photographer Thomas Heaton about downsizing and using a Canon EOS M5 for his work.

Shutter Release is an ongoing series here at Imaging Resource in which we summarize and share photography content from around the web.

Using radial gradients in Photoshop to direct your viewer's eyes - DIY Photography

This video is actually from earlier this summer, but DIY Photography recently featured it and it is well worth watching. In the video below, Blake Rudis of f64 Academy covers how to find the radial gradient tool and how to utilize it.

A day in the life of a fashion photographer - Amateur Photographer

Photographer Amanda Thomas talked Amateur Photographer through a typical day in her life as a top fashion photographer. It's an interesting look at how much work goes into fashion photography long before any photos are taken. Thomas also offers a handful of tips for shooting at the end of the article, so be sure to check it out.

The Zen of Shooting Film - Eric Kim Photography

If you've ever considered shooting film, Eric Kim hopes to push you over the edge into analog photography with his latest article about the Zen of shooting film. In the article, he provides a variety of reasons why shooting film is a relaxing and therapeutic photographic process, including that you are more focused on the process of shooting rather than the results, for example.

Kerlee 35mm f/1.2 lens review and samples - Photo Rumors

The Kerlee 35mm f/1.2 sells for just under $700 and is a manual focus lens available for Nikon, Canon, Sony E and Pentax K mounts. The full-frame prime is one of the fastest 35mm lenses out there. You can head over to Photo Rumors to see some sample images and check out the video below for hands-on thoughts from Christopher Frost.

Thomas Heaton downsizes to save weight by using the Canon EOS M5 - Thomas Heaton

When traveling, weight is sometimes at a premium. During Heaton's last workshops in the Swiss Alps, he packed too heavy of a bag - easy enough to do. This time, he's going to take the Canon EOS M5 instead. In the video below, he discusses the decision as well as offering tips for packing for travel photography.